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Lisa is a huge part of what makes Salon MB so special. Lisa has been in this industry for over 30 years and is a true artist of all things. She began her career as a master barber some 30 years ago, then found she needed to be connected on a deeper level to the artistry of hair. She has been connecting with clients for so long now, to know Lisa is to love Lisa. She is a beautiful human inside and out. In true artists form coloring, foiling and cutting are just a few of her favorite services to offer. Lisa undeniably is a blessing to our staff and guests. If you happen to see Lisa outside of the salon I’m certain she is creating some sort of culinary masterpiece, walking her beloved pup or playing trucks with her amazing grandsons.




  • Grey Coverage

  • Layered Cutting

  • Men’s Cutting

  • Dimensional Foiling

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